Leonardo Award

Claudia Suhov

Claudia Suhov

Claudia Suhov, Romania, Founder and CEO of Kidster.ro in the category “Young Leonardo - Trans-Generational Learning”

My Skills:

Creative and crazy leadership skills, enthusiast strategist, great planning and vision skills, communication and artistic presentation skills, very intuitive and confident, strong optimist and flexible person, fun and hardworking team member, excellent connector, innocent and free spirit, wild child at heart.

Recognition & Awards:

2012: 1st place in the National Competition of Entrepreneurship "Start! Business", organized by Junior Achievement and BCR, and the title "Company of the Year". In 2012 I also represented Romania in the European competition Europe Entrepreneurship Challenge in Skopje, Macedonia. The award for "Innovation in Education" Gala RoCS (Romanian Computer Show).

2014: Nominated by Forbes Romania in the Top 2014 "30 Under 30"

Volunteer work

  1. Volunteer in the NGO Association European Centre for Diversity in Tulcea, Romania, 2007 - 2008. Involved in fundraising activities, project manager, creator and organizer of two programs for high school students "My name is Young European", and one for older people "A day for two generations".
  2. Volunteer in the Association of Volunteers for Ideas and Projects Romania. Project manager in coordinating Business Club Forum and Investment School, 2008 - 2010
  3. Junior Achievement Romania. Participant and winner of the national competition "Start! Business", workshop speaker, 2011 - 2015.; Currently participating in the NGOs such as alumni and mentor.
  4. Volunteer in the AdAnima Academic Society for Transformation and Knowledge of Self, limbs of Yoga Federation in Romania, chaired by Acharya Leonard, 2014 to present.
  5. Volunteer and contributor for several NGOs dedicated to children development in Romania such as: “World Vision”, “Save the children”, “Ana and children”, "SOS Children's Villages", “Ioana’s House”.

Professional work:

Junior consultant for Fivestar Hospitality Consulting Company, 2009 - 2010 Founder of BOKO - Book Club Events Company for Children, rebranded to NextSteve Group in 2012, 2011 - 2014 Founder and Creative Director of KIDster, 2014 – present Founder & owner of Tortulet.ro, an online cake shop, 2014 to present


Graduated the Faculty of Commerce, ASE Bucharest, July 2011 Graduated the School of Entrepreneurial Studies and Management (ANTREMAN) organized by the Faculty of Management in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, October 2011 - June 2013 Graduated the Alternative University, the CROS model (Resource Center for Student Organizations), October 2013 - June 2014 Participant in the Business Incubator organized by CROS and ING Bank, December 2013 - June 2014 Triple Certificate on Entreprenurial skills + many training certificates

My expectations and personal thoughtson my work and society:

My mission in life is to educate young people with kindness and compassion, to help them see the beautiful treasures they have been gifted with and to bring it out so that the world can see and cherish it. I want to have a positive contribution and a global socio-economic impact by sharing my knowledge and my life experiences to provide solution and actions for people. In the next 10 years I wish to create programs and products for 1 million children and young people.

My greatest moments in my work life:

Three years ago, in one the first camps I have organized for children, one evening, after a long day of activities with a group of 40 children aged 5 to 7, one little girl was staying in the hallway, outside her room , while the others almost fell asleep. When I approached her, she told me suddenly: "Claudia, I love you". In that moment I felt my legs were melting, I hugged her and I told her "I love you too". It was a divine moment and I felt like I had a little angel in my arms telling me that I'm on the good road, and that I have to continue the work I do. After that moment I went to my room and I started to cry for minutes. I was full of joy and thankful for having the chance to work for these kids and experiencing such wonderful moments with them. I am extremely thankful for all the inspiration, opportunities and wisdom that God gave me.

The moments when I'm surrounded by children, seeing them happy and flourish are the most amazing moments in my life. The love that I receive from them feeds my soul and spirit.