Leonardo Award

Leonardo Company Transformation

Dr. Nick H.M. van Dam

Shaping the future of organizational learning and leadership development using digital, social and blended learning methods

Leonardo “Company Transformation” awards personalities identified with the implementation of an holistic approach of innovative thinking in concrete areas of “Corporate Learning“ other companies and trades feel inspired by. This may be in regard to knowledge- and talent management, knowledge partnerships, training and e-learning concepts, lifelong learning combined with merits in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and intercultural cohesion.“ It stresses the practical implementation of a holistic approach and addresses business leaders, HR professionals, Learning officers, consultants and knowledge workers alike.

The international scientific Leonardo advisory board felt that Nick van Dam’s work and his core vision are fully aware of these interdependencies: He combines the tough job of the practitioner in the field of learning organizations with giving sounded advice on knowledge-based strategies and methodologies in remarkable publications and engagements in prestigious influential advisory boards, companies and initiatives.

Nick’s strong passion for the development of people doesn’t stop with adults. Fascinating is his promotion of “The e-Learning for Kids Foundation” (www.e-learningforkids.org) which he started in 2005.. In those impressive achievements, the international advisory board sees a fulfillment of Leonardo’s spirit.

Interview with Dr. Nick van Dam