European Corporate Learning Association founded in Bonn 2015/09/16 - “The voice of corporate learning”

Leonardo Award

On 14 September 2015, in the context of the 6th Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award, the European Corporate Learning Association (ECLA) was founded in Bonn as a platform for corporate learning in Europe.

Corporate learning, as the third pillar alongside professionally qualifying undergraduate education and public training (e.g. through community education centres), is an essential factor in the education landscape. The new association wishes to take on the all-encompassing role of an advocate for the future of the knowledge and education society, and to act as a representative of corporate learning. The founding board members of ECLA, in which currently 17 members have organized themselves, include Guy Kempfert (Straumann AG) as Chairman, as well as Norbert Büning (Cisco Systems GmbH), Prof. Dr. Nele Graf (Mentus GmbH), Dr. Andreas Müller (amucon) Alexander R. Petsch (HRM Research Institute) and Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai (Crealogix).

Strengthening corporate learning in Europe

The ECLA understands the term corporate learning to mean a comprehensive view of the procuration and propagation of knowledge and education in organizations. It includes all forms of corporate learning, i.e. the training and further training usually provided by the HR department, as well as strategic transformations, innovation processes, informal acquisition of knowledge or other work-based learning.

The aim of the ECLA is to strengthen the position of corporate learning in Europe. For this purpose, it also promotes the exchange of views and experiences across professional and industry boundaries. In an intensive dialogue with decision-makers from companies, organizations, politics and society, as well as the general public, it represents the interests of corporate learning. Furthermore, the ECLA also maintains close contacts with partners on a national, European or international level.

Intensive networking on behalf of corporate learning

Over the course of each year the association offers its members not only high-profile congresses with renowned speakers from home and abroad, but also a regular supply of relevant information from the corporate learning environment and its consolidation within the framework of an annually changing focal point. Through its work, the ECLA also contributes towards placing the Leonardo - European Corporate Learning Award on a broader basis: The annual appraisal of European pioneers in corporate learning through the award remains one of the key concerns of all involved.

The full members, i.e. the corporate members, of the association are divided into two sections, called chapters: The ECLA combines the interests of users with those of the providers of vocational training through the intensive networking of its members. In the Corporate Learning Leaders (CLL) chapter, current issues are discussed by executives who are responsible for the professional skills within their organizations. The Corporate Learning Solution Provider (CLS) chapter is where European training providers can exchange ideas. A third way of getting involved in the ECLA for pioneering corporate learning is as a supporting member: In this way anyone who works in a company in the subject area of corporate learning or is involved in teaching and research in this specialist area can become active.

The Leonardo Corporate Network, which until now consisted of 15 companies from the area of Corporate Learning Solutions, will merge with the ECLA: The network members will be involved in the Corporate Learning Solution Provider chapter. The activities of the Corporate Learning Circle, founded by Guy Kempfert and Andreas Müller a year ago, will also become a part of the new association. Additional network partnerships are in preparation.

Further information:

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ECLA European Corporate Learning Association
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